FDA: Stroke Risk Increases Following COVID Shot/Flu Shot

Mainstream media and the FDA have been forced to admit what we have been warning about for a long time: there's an increased risk of stroke following the COVID/Flu shots administered together.

Article by Scott Armstrong | Rebunked News | @RebunkedNews

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Two Things At Once

Over the last couple weeks, many of us cringed as the new Pfizer promotion went viral featuring Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs promoting the notion that people should get their COVID shots and flu vaccines at the same time. The infamous “Two Things At Once” commercial received a substantial amount of blowback, including being called out by New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who ridiculed Kelce on a podcast, calling him “Mr. Pfizer” and challenging him to a debate.

Let’s just say this advertisement didn’t age well. Within days of the Pfizer ad dropping, the mainstream media reported on a study indicating that the FDA is finally acknowledging that there is an increased risk of stroke following the co-administration of the COVID shots and the flu vaccine.

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Too Little, Too Late

It’s impossible to save everyone. Sadly, lots of people will march forward and inject themselves with these poison shots regardless. But we can try and reach as many people as possible. After stating that there is an increased risk of stroke, ABC goes on to say “Well, yeah, there is an increased risk, but you should do it anyway.”


The headline of the article attached to the above tweet reads “Getting flu and COVID shot together still reasonable amid safety review of potential stroke risk: Experts,” which is absolutely hilarious on so many levels. Yes, we have safety concerns, but “EXPERTS” say that you are just fine, go ahead and take it, no worries.

The new study, entitled “Evaluation of Stroke Risk Following COVID-19 mRNA Bivalent Vaccines Among U.S. Adults Aged ≥65 Years” had the following to say in the conclusion:

These findings are similar to the VSD study, where an increased risk of ischemic stroke was identified in the ≥85 age group.3 Our study did identify an elevated risk of stroke when the COVID-19 bivalent vaccines were administered with a concomitant high-dose/adjuvanted influenza vaccine.

Now, the study also goes on to say that an increase in stroke risk was observed in the flu shot-only group, which could just mean that the flu shot alone was responsible, but in either case, if there is even the chance that the co-administration of these shots is dangerous, why are these agencies not dropping everything that they are doing to find out conclusive information, or at least stopping the administration of these shots until we get some answers? No, instead they shout that the benefits outweigh the risk and that everyone should still get them. Tell that to the people that are having strokes and possibly dying after receiving these shots.

The sad thing is that The Last American Vagabond has been reporting on this topic for a long time. Not only regarding the dangers of the co-administration of the COVID shot alongside other shots, but also the lack of studies indicating that they don’t conclusively know the potential outcomes. The following screenshot is from the Comirnaty Risk Management Plan that clearly state as of June 2023 that “Studies to determine if co-administration of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine with other vaccines may affect efficacy or safety of either vaccine have not been performed.” [Pg. 124]

This is something that Ryan has been covering extensively for a long time and it’s really important for us to continue to hammer this information out there, now that the truth is starting to break through. Please share this with everyone you know so that we can save lives.

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