GeoEngineering: The Real Climate Crisis

Highlights from Ryan's powerful conversation with Dane Wigington, found of GeoEngineering Watch, discussing the dangers of the scientific class's maniacal obsession with controlling the weather.

Article by Scott Armstrong

Full Interview: Dane Wigington Interview – Geoengineering & Climate Change: Gambling With The Human Species

Please Visit and Support Dane at https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

People are waking up in droves in response to the blatant government overreach of the last three years. People are starting to see that corporate media outlets are simply pathetic propaganda pushers. Everyone is starting to see that government policy has little to do with concerns of “We the People”. Collectively, the world is going through the painful process of realizing that maybe things are not what was sold to us through 15,000 hours of public schooling.

But are people ready to look up at the sky and realize that something is wrong?

Now that winter is upon us and temperatures are plummeting across the northern hemisphere, go outside on a brisk morning and exhale deeply. Watch as the condensation dissipates into the air. Does it congeal and spread across the neighborhood? Are cities mostly comprised of vapor clouds from all of its citizens exhaling throughout the day? Of course not, because this is a form of condensation that evaporates very quickly.

According to the Library of Congress:

At dew point, air can no longer hold water vapor; when air is cooled beyond dew point water vapor turns to liquid form, the physical process known as condensation. It is this liquid form of your breath – minuscule droplets of water – that creates the fleeting, misty cloud we see when breathing in cold weather.

They want us to believe that all of the streaks of cloud-like matter across the sky are simply condensation trails. But that is not possible. Something much more must be going on…


The term “Climate Change” has evolved quite a bit over the years. At one point it was “global cooling” and we were made to believe that a new ice age was imminent. As Dane discusses, this was due to GeoEngineering that was occurring in the polar region that gave temporary and false data to scientists that were monitoring the weather at the time. Suddenly, the concern was “global warming”. Now we see the conversation being framed under the term “Climate Change”, because that encapsulates the “weather whiplash” that we are seeing now; frequent and sudden changes in weather patterns.

It is clear that we as humans treat the Earth that we inhabit extremely poorly. From millions of tons of garbage in the ocean to contaminated soil, we should be ashamed of the pollution that we cause. But that is a separate discussion from the cultish ideology around “man-made climate change” that has become a major political football, and to some, a religion.

I’m sure many of you are losing your minds right now thinking that I am some sort of closeted climate change activist and that I am one piece of litter away from super-gluing myself to a Picasso painting, but these are discussions worth having.

The Earth is home to all of life as we know it. Nature is perfect. A beautiful, miraculous, symbiotic balance exists from the macro to the micro. Systems interoperate and support each other. Much like the human body, the Earth is constantly attempting to seek equilibrium and homeostasis. It’s almost as if the Earth itself is one giant organism. One system will compensate to help another system that has a deficit of some kind. When one system fails, it creates a cascading effect across many other domains. If one species of insect gets wiped out, as insignificant as that might seem (since they are so tiny), a globally catastrophic event could easily ensue.

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By intervening on these perfect systems with man-made GeoEngineering, we are interrupting the Earth’s innate ability to cleanse and heal itself. For example, what gets unnaturally sprayed in the sky poisons the soil, which impacts the root systems of trees, inhibiting trees from regulating their Co2 intake.

Yes, there is a climate crisis. Yes it is man-made. But it is the result of the megalomaniacal fever dreams of psychopathic scientific-class elites who perceive themselves to be gods.

“Climate-engineering is like a straight-jacket on the planet’s ability to respond to the damage done... Our species have been extremely poor stewards of the planet… Climate-intervention operations are the most egregious examples of that.”

Dane Wigington

Please share this clip far and wide and continue to create awareness around the dangers of GeoEngineering. Hopefully it will bring about a new understanding and we may one day be able to hold those accountable that have created this madness to begin with. Please also read and share the content at GeoEngineeringWatch.org and support the efforts that Dane and his team are doing. Learning and sharing this information brings us closer to being able to cease all weather-manipulation operations worldwide, allowing the Earth to go back to what it is designed to do.


Another important takeaway from this discussion is how we should be mindful of the vernacular used when discussing topics related to GeoEngineering. Those who wish to control the narrative have done a fantastic job of creating straw-man perceptions of controversial topics in order dismiss us when we challenge them on those topics. One of those straw-man terms that will immediately get you thrown in the looney-bin is the term “Chem-Trail”. Here are other scientific terms we can use instead.

  • GeoEngineering

  • Climate-Engineering

  • Solar-Radiation Management

  • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

  • Cloud Albedo Enhancement

These terms are unassailable because this is how the accredited scientific/academic establishment refers to the practice of weather manipulation. For example, here is an entire webpage from Harvard University dedicated to the study of “GeoEngineering” brought to you by Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program:

I know that this topic in particular is tough because it can easily demoralize you and make you feel like there is nothing you can do. Seeing those clouds being sprayed overhead definitely instills a sense of helplessness. But we continue to be strong by sharing this information with others. Every day we continuing to educate, inform, become activists, be better stewards of the Earth in our own lives, grow our own food, be nicer to each other, form communities, become self-sufficient and literally embody the change that the world so desperately needs. The more we do that, the more we realize that it’s not up to us to change the entire world, but we gain strength from the joy of watching the world catch up with what we are doing.

Please make sure you go and watch the entire interview for more information about GeoEngineering, including a more in-depth discussion around nanoparticles and airborne COVID-19:

Full Interview: Dane Wigington Interview – Geoengineering & Climate Change: Gambling With The Human Species

Please visit all of Dane’s work at

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