In-Depth, Up-To-The-Minute Train Derailment Coverage

Ryan Cristián offered some extremely in-depth analysis of the recent train derailments in his episode of The Daily Wrap-Up earlier today that we wanted to make sure gets shared.

Article by Scott Armstrong

From The Daily Wrap-Up with Ryan Cristián: The Ohio Disaster Cover Up, CDC Always Knew MRNA Entered The Blood & The Year Psyops Went Mainstream (2/13/2023)

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More Questions Than Answers

As I was writing this, it was brought to my attention that ANOTHER train incident has happened, here in Tennessee. Thanks for the tip Courtenay Turner!

It has been an absolutely action-packed last few weeks, all culminating with a series of FIVE train derailments in quick succession, leaving way more questions than there are answers (Louisiana, Jan 28th; Ohio, Feb 3rd; Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee, all on Feb 13th). Ryan did a fantastic stream earlier, covering a lot of the main points and mentioning many areas of concern, including people being censored on Twitter over reporting on the matter and journalists on the ground getting arrested for covering the event. This is all in addition to what appears to be one of the most egregious environmental disasters and cover-ups in recent knowledge, unfolding right before our eyes.

Here are some of the highlights from Ryan’s coverage:

On February 3rd 2023 around 8:55pm near the city of East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailed due to alleged faulty axle on one of the train cars. The train consisted of 141 cars, of which 20 contained hazardous chemicals. The train also allegedly did not have electronically controlled pneumatic brakes.

By February 4th, several major fires had broken out at the site and there were signs of contamination in surrounding areas. On the 5th, the area was evacuated, followed by several days where the situation was monitored.

On February 9th, the evacuation order was lifted and residents were told that they could return home.

This is where the high-strangeness begins. There are multiple reports of fish and other wildlife dying near the contaminated area, along with serious ongoing concerns about whether or not the area is actually safe to inhabit.

Of course there is the weirdness around a movie that was released in 2022 called “White Noise” where the actual plot of the movie is about a train that derails and posions a town in Ohio. Many of the people who played extra roles in the film live in the area.

Someone with sources in the area reports on what she is hearing:

A reporter on the scene, Evan Lambert, was arrested for simply reporting on the event:

Meanwhile, people who are digging up information and reporting on the incident are being suspended on Twitter.

It looks like Lombardo’s account has been reinstated at the time of writing.

Other Derailments

Another train derailment took place in Houston, Texas on earlier in the day on February 13th.

Followed by a 2nd train in one day in Enoree, South Carolina:

Then, as mentioned above, a third derailment in one day in Blount County, Tennessee:

This is all on top of another train derailment that happened on January 28th:

Something is very wrong here! We will continue to monitor the situation and report as things develop. In the meantime, Stay vigilant, question everything, come to your own conclusions.

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