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The Truth is Winning

Despite the relentless campaign to gaslight, mislead and label us as crazy-fake-news-conspiracy-theorists, the truth is breaking through and it can't be denied anymore.

By Scott Armstrong

Full Episode: COVID Doesn’t Cause Myocarditis, Hidden CDC Data Destroys Narrative & The Pandemic Of The Injected (11/09/2022)

We just wanted to show up today and give you a little boost in confidence. The truth is winning. If you are reading this, you are more than likely aligned with that truth. You can rest assured knowing that you are on the right side of history.

There is no media outlet in the world that has done more to dismantle the establishment narrative than The Last American Vagabond. Day in and day out, Ryan Cristián straps in and takes us on a journey of discovery and shows us how to look at the world around us in an objective and critical way. The information he provides is unassailable, yet we are always encouraged to question it anyway. That is why he is also consistently one of the most banned and censored people out there. They can’t accomplish their complete subjugation of humanity with voices like The Last American Vagabond out there.

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Knowing all that we know, it can be hard to see those around us, people that we love and care about, still operating and making decisions based on the lies and manipulations that the mainstream provides. We want to shake them and make them see what we see. I’m sure many of you have been on quite a journey with this dilemma, particularly over the course of the last few years.

As James Corbett says, “you can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.” Most people have chosen to turn off the part of their brain where critical thinking resides and therefore this information is not available to them. It’s like staring at a Magic Eye image with one eye closed; the true nature of the image is there, it just can’t be perceived.

It can be hard to resist the urge to go and share this information with everyone we know. Surely they must be dying to know this information, right? We quickly realize that most people are not receptive to it at all and we just end up injuring ourselves when we attempt to share it.

It’s much like dealing with a chronic alcoholic. They will never quit until they decide to do so themselves. We can institute interventions and have every treatment option available to them, but their alcoholism will keep them trapped until they finally hit rock-bottom and decide to make a change in their lives on their own. That change will never come until something fundamentally shifts on a deep, spiritual level within them. At that point, they may be receptive to new information.

The best thing we can do, in the meantime, is simply continue to educate ourselves and be a beacon of light for those people when they are ready. We can be a resource for them if they do get shaken awake and begin to realize that maybe they have been lied to all along.

It can be a scary and often lonely journey. Just know you are not alone. There are millions, maybe now billions of people who are awake to what is going on in the world and growing in number every day.

We are winning. Continue to look for opportunities to grow and thrive. Build community. Meet up with other like-minded individuals in your area. If there isn’t anything like that around you, start hosting meet-ups on your own. The more you do that, the more you will see that we are absolutely winning. Catch the shows live to participate in the chats, as referenced in this video. Make sure you follow TLAV at the links below so that you get notifications each time Ryan goes live and be involved in the discussions in real time:


After you get the notification, follow the link to and jump in the live chat on either the YouTube Pirate Channel or one of the other platforms that host the show.

Keep it up everyone. Share The Last American Vagabond with those in your life who may be receptive to it. Help this get this information in front of those who will benefit from it. It is so crucial right now to continue to hammer this information out there. It is undeniable that we are all on the cusp of something great, and we are so honored to be on this journey with each and every one of you.



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