TLAV Coverage of Jan 6th, Including Azov Battalion Overlap

A clip from The Daily Wrap-Up covering the current state of the January 6th information that exists publicly and a look at the strange overlap involving the Ukrainian Azov Battalion

Article by Scott Armstrong | Rebunked News

Clip from The Daily Wrap-up with Ryan Cristián: January 6th Was Always A Very Clear Government Operation & Important TN Bill/Dioxin Follow Up (3/8/2023)

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The Ukrainian Azov Battalion and January 6th

Here is a great interview with Whitney Webb and Ryan Cristián that goes in depth into the idea that the Azov Battalion was involved in the events of January 6th.

Here is another full episode of The Daily Wrap-Up that also looks at the Azov Battalion’s involvement in January 6th.

There is an interesting overlap between the events on January 6th and what we now know to be a Neo-Nazi element of the Ukrainian armed forces, the Azov Battalion. This is not new information, as you can see, Ryan has covered the topic extensively for a while, but it is worth highlighting due it its obscurity.

The man in question is Sergei Dybynyn, a Ukrainian Nationalist who has been mis-identified repeatedly by the mainstream as “pro-Russian”.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

One of the images shows Sergai Dybynyn standing next to the horned Viking (an actor that goes by the name of Jake Angeli AKA Jacob Anthony Chansley, who has no public ties to Antifa). Dybynyn is affiliated with members of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, some of which openly embrace extreme right-wing and fascist ideologies.

Sergei Dybynyn photo in front of Azov Battalion flag

One of the misconceptions that was reported at the time was that Sergei Dybynyn was a pro-Russian LDNR (Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic) soldier/operative. This speculation arose from an arrest warrant posted online from the Luhansk People's Republic. The arrest warrant reads as follows:

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk People's Republic on suspicion of committing crimes under Part 2 and Part 3 of Art. 240 of the Criminal Code of the LPR wanted  Dubinin Sergei Olegovich [Sergei Dybynyn], born 05/03/1981, registered. in Lugansk, apt. Mirny, 10/99. Inter TV channel videographer.

According the Washington Post:

Before the war, Moscow controlled about 17,000 square miles of Ukraine’s land, split up into Crimea (annexed by the Kremlin in 2014) and the separatist-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk.

This is the area that the arrest warrant was issued from, under Russian control. It is the Russians who wanted Sergei Dybynyn.

Check out our previous work showing the connection between the Azov Battalion(Ukrainian Neo-Nazi faction) and the Rise Above Movement located here in the US and how they are both funded by the CIA.

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When you have friendly elements of your dissident groups at your disposal worldwide, why not shift the pieces around and move key people into position at clearly staged and provocateured events like January 6th to ensure certain outcomes.

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John Sullivan

There is little doubt that there were agent provocateurs on the scene on the day of January 6th instigating violence and destruction.

One of the central figures in this aspect of the story is John Earle Sullivan, an open anti-Trump individual who inserted himself in the middle of many of the riotous events of 2020.

In the clip at the top of the page from The Daily Wrap-Up, Ryan highlights a rare video at about 00:31:00 showing Sullivan inside the capitol saying “I’m wearing a Trump hat” in a way that eludes to him being excited about the deception. He then goes on to say, while inside the Capitol Building, “what reality is this? We did this sh*t!”

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The Tucker Carlson Situation

Much ado was made about the tens of thousands of hours of footage from January 6th that was apparently released to the producers at Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. On Monday March 6th, Tucker went on air and showed some never-before-seen footage that told quite a different story than the mainstream, particularly around the narrative of Jacob Chansley, as he was obviously not posing as a threat to anyone and was being escorted around the building by Capitol Police.

Tucker said that throughout the week they would be releasing much more damning footage that destroys the establishment narrative of a violent insurrection.

Well, as the week went on, no more footage was released (you can watch the replays on the Tucker Carlson Tonight Rumble Page) and Thursday’s episode did not mention January 6th once.

It seems like the pressure from the political establishment was too much and Fox News is acting as a censor and a gatekeeper to the truth.

None of this is surprising, in the least, and we can all just go back to sleepwalking and pretending that what we see with our own eyes isn’t real.


Not Truth, No Justice

It truly is sad when we are presented with enough circumstantial evidence that should warrant a second look at a situation as monumental as the events of January 6th. Many people’s lives are on the line as they rot away in jail and prison in what amounts to being captured by a hostile political regime.

So much has come out that deserves real scrutiny. Everything from Ray Epps and the false information about the death of Police Officer Brian Sicknick, to the fact that the police opened up the barricades to begin with and the obvious presence of agent provocateurs. The cold blooded execution of Ashli Babbitt goes unspoken and even celebrated in some circles.

January 6th was a turning point in the history of the United States, but not for the reasons the establishment wants you to believe. It shows that politics, as always, supersedes truth and justice without any regard for who gets caught in the crossfire and that people’s suffering is just the cost of doing business.

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