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Unvaxxed Dating Site Is Doing Big Things, Including Launching A New Show!

Clip from Ryan's powerful interview with Co-Founder Shelby Thomson showcasing what the site offers and a big announcement!

Clip from Moving Target with Ryan Cristián, full interview: Unjected Interview – Dating Site For “Unvaccinated” Seeks To Create Blood Bank & Other Resources (1/10/2022)

For More, please visit A Hero’s Journey has been on a quite a journey over the last couple of years. Unjected was founded by Shelby Thomson and Heather Pyle back in the spring of 2021 as a dating app providing a space for unjabbed people looking to find romance (or community in general), along with other incredibly useful resources such as blood donation listings and fertility services. As you might expect, it didn’t take long for the beast to lash out with a vengeance

Before we get into the attacks, let’s highlight some of the awesome stuff that Unjected is all about. 2021 brought about an age where people were demonized for simply not wanting to undergo a forced, experimental and potentially gene altering medical intervention. We all remember the world feeling very dark and heavy. Out of that was born a platform that encouraged community along the lines of medical freedom, health autonomy and love. Who in their right minds would have a problem with that?

Today, Unjected is a thriving place where people can create a profile and seek other like minded people for romance, friendship or business networking. You will also find people who have posted their blood type and location to serve as a possible donor for people in need. Additionally, there is a fertility section where gentlemen from all over the world have profiles offering to be sperm donors and brave women have signed up to offer surrogacy services.


Created in spring of 2021; Unjected launched as a mobile app and website for Covid-19 Unvaccinated individuals to connect all around the world for love, friendships and business. Though heavily censored and scrutinized in the media, Unjected grown to be not only the World's 1st but largest unvaccinated platform.

Unjected has flourished into “something for everyone.” A health movement of people who support medical freedom of choice. We believe no one should face adversity for their medical decisions. Which is why we host a variety of different features for the unvaccinated population.

It truly is a wonderful place and there is a lot of hope for the future of Unjected, as you will see.

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Trolls and Daggers

In summer for 2021, the trolls and minions of the descending darkness were given their orders and unleashed their savagery on Unjected. Everyone from the disgraced Jimmy Fallon to Inside Edition, Business Insider and Forbes Magazine piled on with sharpened daggers in an attempt to extinguish the light that was growing from the Unjected platform.

After this disgusting siege from the establishment, the Unjected App was removed from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, effectively preventing them from functioning on people’s phones as a traditional app. Most would have caved to this demoralizing onslaught, but the fools behind the attack failed to take into account the resiliency and passion of the creators.


Unjected Relaunch

After going back to the drawing board, Shelby, Heather and the team decided to launch Unjected once again as a traditional website, offering all of the same services with a brand new look. Today, there are thousands of people actively utilizing the platform to find community, find a date, or help spark the next generation of non-GMO humans. We definitely want to encourage everyone to go check out the site for yourself.

As you heard in the clip above (please go check out the entire conversation with Shelby Thomson on Moving Target with Ryan Cristián), Shelby discusses some of the exciting visions for future of the site, including a “Groups” section and a speed-dating integration that will allow people to connect based on interests. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes as well that has not been mentioned, so stay tuned for that!

The Unjected Show

The newest project being launched by the Unjected Team is The Unjected Show! The Unjected Show is going to be a Live Call-in show for people to call in and share their experiences (and crazy stories) being an unvaccinated person trying to find love in a heavily “vaccinated” world. If you have questions, need advice, or need to vent about your current circumstances, they will be there to take your calls.

The show will be hosted by Unjected Co-Founders Shelby Thomson and Heather Pyle. Also on board is Scott Armstrong from Rebunked News (, also a contributor to TLAV) and funnyman Zach Brown from the Unfit Statesman Podcast (On all podcast players and Rokfin).

The Series Premiere launches Friday January 13th (Friday the 13th, I know!) at 9pm EST on Rokfin. You can call in at 1-833-3UNJECT or 1-833-386-5328 *EXT 888. Please go subscribe to the channel and catch the premiere live:

Follow the show on Instagram @TheUnjectedShow

The Future is Bright

In the face of massive attacks and smear campaigns, Unjected is alive and more popular than ever. It is truly the spirit of resistance and liberty that has driven the project forward and has allowed it to reach new heights. With new ventures such as The Unjected Show, the hope is to create a sense of excitement around the platform to help bring in all kinds of positive energy, allowing the website to build out its infrastructure and ultimately become the most user-friendly and robust dating website in existence.

Hope to see you at the premiere and, of course, looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at

Other Links:

Unjected Official on Instagram: @UnjectedOfficial
Unjected on Twitter: @Unjected
Shelby Thomson: @Unjectedshelby_
Heather Pyle: @Unjectedheather
Scott Armstrong: @Rebunkednews (IG) & @Rebunked News (Twitter)
Zach Brown (Unfit Statesman): @Unfitstatesman (IG) & @Unfitstatesman (Twitter)

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