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Frontline Report Of The Maui Fires & Relief Efforts - Shelby Thomson

Shelby Thomson, Founder of the unvaccinated dating site, joined Ryan to discuss what she saw during the devastating Maui fires and to discuss her work to spearhead relief efforts.

Article by Scott Armstrong | Rebunked News | @RebunkedNews

Clips from The Daily Wrap-up with Ryan Cristián:

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Terror in Paradise

On August 8, 2023, the peaceful island of Maui, Hawaii was ravaged by a devastating wildfire that destroyed some of the most precious areas of the island, leaving entire towns decimated and the local population destitute. Sadly, there were many casualties. While the mainstream media reports around 99 deaths at the time of writing this article, those on the front lines of the relief efforts claim thousands of people have lost their lives and upwards of 5,000 are still missing.


While the cause of the fire remains a mystery, there are so many factors involved that suggest that these fires were not only deliberate, but orchestrated to create as much devastation as possible in some of the most valuable regions of Hawaii that developers have been salivating over for a long time, despite the local resistance to corporate acquisition.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this story that indicates foul play is the lack of response from local authorities. According to Shelby Thomson, Founder of the unvaccinated dating site, who is a resident of Maui near the affected area, the emergency response was non-existent. The authorities that were present in Lahaina, one of the areas most impacted, were simply directing traffic and blocking roads leading out of the area.

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Here are several factors that contributed to the overall devastation that occurred:

  • Power was out in the area, leaving many in the affected areas without communication.

  • Winds were blowing in from the island out into the ocean, in the direction of Hurricane Dora that was passing the island to the south. This was a very unusual phenomenon

  • Reports indicated that the police were prohibiting cars from leaving Lahaina.

  • Local firefighters reported that when they showed up, the fire hydrants had been shut off.

  • Firefighters were lackadaisical in their initial response. According to Shelby, locals are calling the fire the “17-minute Fire” because it only took 17 minutes to consume the entire town after it had been a threat for several hours before.

  • Most importantly, the emergency siren system failed, leaving many without any warning about how much peril they were in until it was too late. Shelby stated “The only warning that people actually had inside of their homes was when they finally heard screaming outside, and by then it was too late.”


These sirens are robust systems that are tested often for the exact purpose of alerting locals to impending danger. These sirens get tested on the first of each month. Their failure on this particular day is very suspicious, as they are also designed to run during natural disasters.

Watch the full interview with Shelby Thomson here

Reports from locals indicate that the emergency response in the days following the disaster have caused much grief as well. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has responded to the area, and subsequently marshalled their resources to actually block aid and relief coming from outside entities. According to DailyMail:

Maui residents have criticized the federal response to devastating wildfires which have ruined parts of the Hawaiian island and claim that locals have been left to coordinate parts of the recovery themselves…

'The response from our well-funded, tax-paid government is incredibly pathetic. We can't even understand what they did, what they didn't do, what they're still not doing….”

'It's ironic that the people that we put into government to actually help us are making it more difficult for us to even just help ourselves…” [Kai Lenny, professional surfer]


A Case For Direct Energy Weapons

While we don’t know and should not absolutely assume that Direct Energy Weapons were used in this attack on Maui, there are a lot of pieces of circumstantial evidence that stand out in this story.

While most people will hear the words “Direct Energy Weapons” or “DEWs” and completely dismiss it as crazy conspiracy, let’s take a look at what we know about DEWs and how they overlap with Maui.

Sodium guidestar for sensing atmosphere at the Maui Space Surveillance System facility atop Haleakala.

Here is a Department of Defense (DOD) document entitled “Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress.” This just instantiates that Direct Energy Weapons exist and our government is actively researching and implementing this technology.

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This document entitled “Directed Energy Futures: Visions for the next 40 years of U.S. Department of Defense Directed Energy Technologies” talks at length about the implementation of Direct Energy Weapons for military purposes:

Laser weapons can also cause damage by igniting fires. All together Directed Energy Weapons cause all 5 of the well-known “D’s”— destroy, damage, degrade, deny, and deception— in addition to other strategic effects identified in the U.S. Joint Chiefs’ of Staff DoD Dictionary. In the rest of this section we will focus on the blunt effects of physical damage and destruction as a means to project military power at range.

Please take the time to look over and share these documents to dispel the rumors that Direct Energy Weapons are simply “conspiracy theories.”

Additionally, one of the main research facilities in the United States that is actively developing DEW technology is located on Maui.


The Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) Site is located very close to one of the areas where the fires took place. According to a document discussing the AMOS laboratory:

The [Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL] Directed Energy Directorate operates two major telescope sites that are used to advance SSA technologies. One of these sites is located on Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, and the other site is located on Maui, Hawaii. The Maui site is called the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) site.

This article by the Los Alamos Daily Post discusses the operations that take place at the AMOS faciilty and the role that Dr. Kelly Hammett, leader of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate played before leaving for a position at the Space Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO):

Before taking on the role as director, Hammett served four years as the directorate’s chief engineer, helping to solve a number of challenges in programs such as… the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing, or AMOS; site’s sustainment and modernization program.

Hammett discussed what he considers his top three accomplishments over the past six years. 

“We delivered the USAF’s first-ever operational directed energy weapons,” he said. “As part of the Air Force Directed Energy Experimentation campaign, AFRL characterized  and deployed four directed energy counter unmanned aerial systems to overseas locations – three Raytheon High Energy Laser Weapon Systems and the AFRL Tactical  High Power Operational Responder (THOR) system – we built THOR in-house in 18- months, a record breaking time. As part of these efforts, AFRL secured the Secretary of  Defense approval for operational use of all systems.”  

This could be a coincidence, but it could a lot more nefarious than that. Please review all of this information and come to your own conclusions.


Faith Over Fear

Despite all of this, there is hope. As the disaster relief continues, spearheaded mostly by the locals themselves, the community has come together like never before to provide aid for each other. There has been an outpouring of love and support from all over the world as everyone recognizes the inorganic nature of the devastating situation itself and the fallout.

As we move forward and continue to help our brothers and sisters in Maui, let us all keep them in our prayers and thoughts.


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