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Nov 17, 2022Liked by The Last American Vagabond

She is among the first, there will be more, though there is always that Nurse Ratchet contigent, but, where does this lead?

The optimistic view is enough more nurses and doctors come out and speak and risk, this tide only turns when the *inside* starts shifting its weight.

The pessimistic view is this is already "priced in". That they are aware there will be this response from some, or a lot, but to think they don't have an answer for this is being behind a few chess moves. (This is not addressed to tlav, I'm just raising points).

The Frankenstein response is to staff the hospitals with a very different crew, you know, in the way the military has dropped standards.

When the lines to get in gets short, the bar drops, and maybe that's what they want.

What it is going to take is to build a coalition to push this back, a group made up of professionals, injured recepients, and the loved ones of the injured or dead.

Until this group coalesces into a formidable block, we are each a piece of dust.

I really believe this is possible and the next step. We need to get organized.

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