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I look at all the subs I am subscribed to and it amazes me this one gets little traffic.

If I had to rank independent media, which I dont really want to because it is kind of gauche, but if I where to rank by who is providing me with the most relevant information, TLAV sits at the top.

I don't think I have missed an episode in three years. I give what I can and wish I could give more.

The paradox is, more people than not are stupid, not genetically so, but in their interest level. They can binge watch some Netflix garbage for hours but not find the time to understand the world we all live in and have to work together in.

Society is whistling past the graveyard, into it in fact.

And what I am witnessing is seems like a lot of more trafficked sites are pilfering tlav and other less trafficked sites.

Not the time to get into names, but just a pattern I have noticed. Why is "x" getting so much more traffic than "y", which is where it originated from.

The old adage, you can write a good song, but getting it on the radio is another job.

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longtime listener, first time caller.

have been reading / listening to tlav for long time now and really appreciate it! i think the irritatingly objective nature of this work has saved so many lives in this poisonous, propagandized world. Absolutely appreciate the nuance! keep up the great work. ❤

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