I haven't heard Ryan put out a bad show in over three years of listening but this week was a powerhouse, the gold cream the California poppies would raise were they milk, as Steinbeck said, excellent and appreciated work and effort.

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Ryan should definitely have Dr. Robert Malone on the show so he can explain to Dr. Malone that his Long COVID (which provided the rationale for Malone to decide to take the shots in the first place) was/is all in his head... based on those two psychosomatic studies.

Ryan should also have Dr. Bruce Patterson on the show so he can explain to Dr. Patterson that all of his work into studying the lingering spike proteins in the body, in association with Long COVID, has all been worthless... because two studies demonstrated that Long COVID is actually all in people's heads.

I developed Long COVID (a very mild but roaming headache and brain fog) myself after a week and a half of extremely mild COVID symptoms, and it wasn't until several days after it started that I was able to get a prescription of ivermectin from a private pharmacy.

My headache and brain fog cleared the very next day after the initial dose with ivermectin, and they remained gone for 5 days until I felt that they had cleared, and I stopped the ivermectin... two days later both were back.

Yes, I went 3 years and only experienced a few bouts mild symptoms (and I don't take flu shots or get the flu)... but in 2023 I suddenly developed psychosomatic symptoms, i.e. Long COVID.

Those psychosomatic symptoms again disappeared with ivermectin... and returned after I stopped the ivermectin. Pretty crazy how that works.

Well, I got rid of those psychosomatic symptoms by starting ivermectin for another few days in combination with nattokinase... and my psychosomatic symptoms have been gone since then.

It turns out that ivermectin works really well for treating psychosomatic issues!

I've been a fan since early 2020, but now that Ryan has started to branch out into other issues as the COVID issue has "calmed down", I'm beginning to realize that he very much does operate on a subset of subjective opinions and views.

A boatload of studies showing that the spike proteins are likely key to explaining Long COVID... but he starts excluding/dismissing the natural exposure of spike because of a couple of studies help provide an impression that it's all from the shots?

I hope that Ryan will eventually recognize that his trivialization of Long COVID as a psychosomatic issue (because it helps support the notion that the shots have mostly caused all of the suffering people are experiencing) is probably irritating a lot of fans.

Lastly, I hope that Ryan will stop flippantly talking about climate change with admissions that "Yeah, we're hurting the planet, but... ", while suggesting that he "doesn't think" that carbon pollution is the issue... because of the writings of a few scientists that he's encountered.

Big Oil company documents revealed that they KNEW in the 1970's that carbon pollution would lead to global warming...

Ryan should answer: Why it is that Big Oil has worked for decades to try and turn republicans into climate change denialists?

Why oh Why, would a big industry try to get so many people to believe that their products were not a cause of any problems?

Why oh Why, would a big industry try and muddy the waters and fund junk science?

Kindof sounds like Big Pharma trying to convince the masses that their shots are safe and effective...

Are we to assume that Big Oil has been right all along about climate change... and that they're the good guys, and their products are safe?

If that's true... does that mean that Big Pharma has been right all along about their products...

Ryan needs to be as diligent in his study of climate change, as he has been with cannabis it seems... if Ryan doesn't know what ocean acidification is (and what the threat of it is to the ocean food web(s)), if he doesn't know how feedback loops relate to accelerated glacial melt, if he doesn't understand that even gradually rising oceans will displace billions (and likely promote destabilization, mass starvation, and t*rrorism), if he doesn't know what the Carbon Cycle is, if he isn't aware that (burned) fossil fuel isotopes are detectible in the atmosphere (as proof of man's role in carbon pollution), if he isn't aware of PETM (Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum) and how it takes the earth thousands of years to recover from an excess of carbon in the atmosphere... he should stop talking about climate change.

Concerns about global warming have been around for over 100 years... the fact that the billionaire class and governments are suddenly worried and talking about the issue doesn't make the science of it any less true.

The earth will be fine... it's human civilization that remains in question.

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