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US and Ukraine ONLY Two Countries Who Voted AGAINST UN Bill "Combating Glorification of Nazism"

Historically the US and Ukraine were the only two countries who voted against UN Resolution"Combating Glorification of Nazism." With the Russian/Ukrainian war, 52 countries add themselves to that list

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In this clip, Ryan does a great job of covering how the establishment talks incessantly about their opposition to “literal Nazi’s”, while at the same time funding, platforming and voting in alignment with Nazis.

Here we see MSNBC platforming a member of the Azov Battalion, which The Last American Vagabond has proven is an open Ukrainian Neo-Nazi group that the US has been funding for years.

Wyatt Reed, Independent Journalist covering the situation in Ukraine, made a tweet the other day pointing out that the US and Ukraine were the only two countries back in 2021 who voted AGAINST a UN Resolution entitled Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. When that same resolution came back up this year in 2022, it was then voted down by 52 countries. Let’s look at why.

But wait a minute, aren’t we all against Nazis? Why are we voting against a resolution that calls for ceasing the glorification of Nazis?

Well it depends what year you ask. It appears that this is an ongoing UN Resolution that gets introduced every year entitled Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

The language of the Resolution changes from year-to-year, for example:

In 2021, the United States issued a statement declaring why it chose to be one of two countries who voted against this bill. Keep in mind, this was before the Russian/Ukrainian war. From that declaration:

The United States Supreme Court has consistently affirmed the constitutional right to freedom of speech and the rights of peaceful assembly and association, including by avowed Nazis, whose hatred and xenophobia are vile and widely scorned by the American people. We nevertheless firmly defend the constitutional rights of those who exercise their fundamental freedoms to combat intolerance and express strong opposition to the odious Nazi creed and others that espouse similar hatreds.

It seems that the US is falling back on its unwavering support of the First Amendment, asserting that anyone should be able to say anything they want, under the guise of Free Speech. It sure would be nice if that attitude applied to areas of speech outside of defending Nazis.

But fast-forward to 2022, and the excuse to vote against the Resolution has changed. The US now states that it opposes the Resolution because Russia’s excuse of “De-Nazifying” Ukraine is not valid. The United States does not acknowledge the fact that there are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the Resolution contains language that eludes to that fact, therefore the Resolution has no standing. From the 2022 Resolution:

The Special Rapporteur notes, with alarm, that the Russian Federation has sought to justify its military invasion and territorial aggression in Ukraine on the purported basis of eliminating neo-Nazism. This is a blatant instrumentalization of the serious human rights concerns raised by neo-Nazi mobilizations where they exist. The Special Rapporteur interprets resolution 76/149 as seeking the genuine protection of groups and individuals subject to human rights violations rooted in neo-Nazism. The use of neo-Nazism as a pretext to justify territorial aggression seriously undermines genuine attempts to combat neo-Nazism. The Special Rapporteur denounces and condemns in the strongest terms such pretextual use, including in relation to the unlawful breach of the sovereign territory of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that breach has caused.

The US, and now 52 other countries, apparently do not feel that “De-Nazification” is a justifiable excuse, and that this bill attempts to instantiate that viewpoint. From the 2022 declaration:

That said, the United States continues to oppose the Russian Federation’s use of the UN system to spread disinformation. This resolution is a cynical attempt at best by Russia to further its contemporary geopolitical aims by invoking the Holocaust and the Second World War to malign other countries. This is all the more egregious now, when Russia uses false accusations of Nazism to try to justify its unconscionable ongoing violence against the people of Ukraine.

Now to be fair, in previous years, the explanation did include vague language eluding to the fact that the US opposition to the bill had something to do with countering “Russian disinformation campaigns”, but it did not go into detail. Once again, from the 2021 explanation:

Today, however, the United States must once again express opposition to this resolution, a document most notable for its thinly veiled attempts to legitimize Russian disinformation campaigns denigrating neighboring nations and promoting the distorted Soviet narrative of much of contemporary European history, using the cynical guise of halting Nazi glorification.

Now in years past, it was the United States and Ukraine who opposed this bill. Now in 2022, since the launch of the Russian/Ukraine war, we see 52 countries sign off on the opposition to this Resolution for political reasons. To justify its decision, the European Union released an explanation in 2022:

Today, under the false pretense of fighting Nazism, Russia has brought the horrors of war back to Europe, along with the reminder that peace cannot be taken for granted.

We strongly condemn the abuse of the argument of the fight against Nazism, and reject the inaccurate and inappropriate use of the term 'denazification' by Russia to justify its inhumane, cruel and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, the continued impacts of which are dire, not only for the people of Ukraine, but for people around the world. Such distortion erodes our understanding of the Holocaust, disrespects its legacy and undermines democratic principles.

The “Ukraine-good-at-all-costs” narrative hinges on the general public remaining asleep to the fact that not only are there hotbeds of violent, fascist Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, but that the US has been involved in sponsoring and building up these forces for years.


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