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Another term for modRNA is pseudouridylated mRNA/messenger RNA, with "codon optimization". This particular concoction is indeed synthetic, although pseudouridine itself has a role in natural cell processes. "Codon optimization", related to codon bias, is a euphemism for something that I can't readily explain in a few words. The purpose of modRNA, as stated, is immune evasion. I think the quoted phrase "to help enhance immune evasion" is not entirely truthful. Without this modification, the product couldn't do what it does. That is "enable", not "help enhance".

The implications of using modRNA range far and wide. I am not well-qualified to write about it, but there is a heap of information to be found at Nepetalactone Newsletter (https://anandamide.substack.com), for those having the background to read and understand it.

There is more to the problem than modRNA, and this particular blog goes into the nitty gritty concerning the other genetic contamination that is also being found in the vials. I would state this more explicitly, but without going back and doing quite a bit of re-reading, I would likely get my words jumbled up. Maybe somebody else that works directly with these things can comment.

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