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It Is Time For A New Revolution - July 4th, 2024

62 Children A Day Killed In Gaza While Another 79 Children A Day Are Buried, Detained Or Displaced

TLAV Locked Out Of Website, Bolivia Coup Attempt, Debate Theater & The World's Fight Against Zionism

Israel Murders 210 Palestinians And Rescues 4 Captives With US Backing

Medical Surveillance & The Illusion Of Medical Privacy

Rapid Aging, Scarring of the Arteries: A Side Effect of the COVID Injections

Never-Before-Seen Abnormal Blood Clots in COVID-19 Vaccinated Patients

Pro-Palestine Student Protests Prove Who Truly Stands For Free Speech

New Studio Update

Very Rare Brain Biopsy in COVID-19 Vaccinated Patient: A Case of Suspected Malignant Lymphoma

Menstrual Irregularities Post COVID Injection: A Pathological Explanation

Iran's Response Against Israel Was Calculated, But Not If You Listen To Western Media

The Collapse Of The Palestinian Authority Government And A US-Israeli Plot For Gaza

Israel Is Manufacturing False Stories Of Hamas Killing Gazans

Save The Last American Vagabond

The Cannabis Deception: How Your Government Stole Your Future

The Entirely Preventable Impending Rafah Massacre, War/Border Bill & Blood Libel Or Verifiable Fact?

The Rafah Super Bowl Massacre, UNRWA Tunnel Claim Further Debunked & Twitter Censors For Zionism

Blindness, Unconsciousness and Loss of Speech in Patients Post-Vaccination

Israel Claims Hamas Tunnel Found Under UNRWA Headquarters – More Israeli Lies Or Genuine Evidence?

Pfizer Cashes-In On Gaza Health Catastrophe

Verified CIA Document Reveals Zionists Willing To “Sacrifice The Jews” In Arab Nations For Agenda

Sudden Death of Healthy 29 Year-Old Male: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage of Vaccine-Damaged Artery

Haiti Fights To End Western Exploitation, Congo Continues To Be Manipulated & Israel Defeated Itself

‘Strategic Engineered Migration’ To Drive Policy/BioSurveillance & Israel’s Deliberate War Crimes

Michael Connett Interview – Leading The Charge In The Fight Against Water Fluoridation

Over 100k Gazans Dead, Injured, Or Presumed Dead & US Allies Get Away With Murder (And Much Worse)

Dr. Philipe Grandjean Exposes The History Of Fluoride’s Harms

Russian ICJ Victory, Chinese Uyghurs And Hypocrisy & Israel Openly Starving Hostages/Palestine Alike

Full Hostage Exchange Refused By Israel, Undercover Assassinations In West Bank & Will US Bomb Iran?

The Pirate Stream: Dialectical Dissidents – Episode 23

An Alarming Finding: Spike Protein Expression in the Testes After COVID-19 Injection

Suspected Terrorist At Texas Border Works For Mossad & “UNRWA Is Hamas” Exposed As Israeli Operation

Texas Border Crisis The New Jan 6th, Weaponized Migration & ICJ Rules Merit To Israel Genocide Claim

Dissolution Of Informed Consent, Zionism Is Racism & Israel Loses Control Of Oct. 7 Narrative In Israel

Brain Virus Bioweapons & GM NanoProteins

Dissection of the Aorta: A Rare Heart Condition Observed in COVID-19 Injected Patients

24 IDF Soldiers Killed While Illegally Demolishing Civilian Infrastructure w/ Robert Inlakesh

Is Smart Dust Already In Use On The Population & Was “COVID-19” An Attempted Experimental Next Step?

Internet of Bio-NanoThings Is Upon Us, US Bombs For Genocide & Israel Kills Hostage w/ Poison Gas

Scott C. Smith Interview – EPA & Norfolk Southern Continue To Hide East Palestine’s Dioxin Poisoning

Gain-Of-Function’s Newest “Brain Virus” & Genetically Engineered Proteins To Control… Everything

Gates-Funded "Organic Coating" Is Anything But

How do Pathologists Determine if Death in Vaccinated Patients is Caused by COVID-19 or Vaccination?

Lymphocytic Infiltration in the Heart Muscle, Thyroid Gland and Lung Following COVID-19 Injections